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This edition of William Quan Judge’s rendition of the Bhagavad Gita is a reproduction of the original 1890 edition, with the addition of verse numbers. Diacritic marks on romanized Sanskrit terms have also been updated. Pluralized Sanskrit terms are given as Judge originally rendered them, with the addition of necessary diacritics. Judge’s rendition, though not an exact word-for-word translation, remains one of the most faithful to the ideas being conveyed by Krishna. It speaks to the heart, rather than solely to the brain. It is hoped that this edition will help many students connect with the inner meaning of this priceless text. From William Quan Judge, “Essays on the Gita”: “GITA means song, and BHAGAVAD is one of the names of Krishna. Krishna was an Avatar, and according to the views of the Brahmins, we are now in Kali-yuga, which began about the time of Krishna’s appearance. He is said to have descended in order to start among men those moral and philosophical ideas which were necessary to be known during the revolution of the Age, at the end of which—after a brief period of darkness—a better Age will begin. “The Bhagavad-Gita is a portion of the Mahabharata, the great epic of India. The composition of this poem is attributed to the sage Vyasa. If the story of the Mahabharata be taken—[allegorically or symbolically]—as that of Man in his evolutionary development, as I think it ought to be, the whole can be raised from the plane of fable, and the student will then have before him an account, to some extent, of that evolution.” (

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