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The Sri-Bhashya expounds the philosophy of Sri Ramanuja in all it’s essentials.The structure of the work following the structure of the Sutras is laid down well.The first four sutras concern themselves with four considerations of an introductory character.The rest of the first chapter elucidates the crucial passages of the Upanishads that appear to be ambigious,and the result is a formulation of the philosphy of the Upanishads in a coherent and decisive manner.The second chapter deals with the possible exegetical and philosphical systems.These two chapters present the metaphysics of systems.These two chapters present the metaphysics of Vedanta.The third chapter propounds the sadhana or the pathway to the attainment of the supreme goal of life.The fourth chapter delineates that goal with all its implications.The last two chapters,thus relate to the ideals to be achieved.In traditional language the first two chapters formulate the Tattwa or the nature of Reality and the third deals with the Hita or sadhana,and the fourth brings out the Purusartha or the supreme ideal of life.

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