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This volume is divided into five sections, the first a series of articles introducing theosophical concepts which Judge wrote for “Kate Field’s Washington,” under the title “Echoes from the Orient.” Sections 2-4 contain tracts and pamphlets issued by Judge including his highly-esteemed “Epitome of Theosophy” as well as articles in newspapers and journals other than those in the first two volumes, and miscellanea (extracts, undated articles, etc.). The fifth and largest section, comprising nearly half the volume, is devoted to “Suggestions and Aids” issued to students of the Eastern School of Theosophy, founded by H.P.B. with Judge’s assistance in 1888. These papers deal with matters more directly pertinent to theosophists, as well as with the core purposes of the Theosophical Society and its founders, the Mahatmas.

Whatever the subject, Judge’s writing is invariably down to earth, cutting right through rigid thinking and the nonsense of pseudo-occultism. It is refreshing to read clear, simply-worded sentences free of the misty sweetness and light or clever but vague language that characterizes much new-age literature today. As straightforward as Judge is, his perspective is clearly rooted in a larger philosophic background, oriented towards universal brotherhood, innate human dignity, and the inestimable worth of altruistic motive and service. Never condescending, but always the Esotericist, a student/teacher with whom we can easily relate, Judge transmits the perennial wisdom in a way that encourages us to broaden our views and thus to see in everyone and everything vibrant expressions of the divine force permeating the universe.

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