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In this second volume readers will find a wealth of theosophical teachings, history, and guidance. Nearly half the book comprises articles from several magazines, as well as Judge’s presentations at the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago, where he chaired the Theosophical Congress. The remaining sections include Hidden Hints in The Secret Doctrine; Questions from The Vahan, The Theosophical Forum, and The Path; Abridgement of Discussions; and Faces of Friends.
What is striking about Judge’s writing is his exceptional ability to condense a powerful line of thinking into simple language. If we may characterize the contents of Volume I as coming from the plane of “pure buddhi” or intuition as H. P. Blavatsky once remarked of Judge’s Path magazine much of the material in this second volume, while covering a broad philosophic territory, brings the reader more closely in touch with the secular and practical side of Theoso­phy. Here we learn more about how people responded to the reintroduction and challenge of theosophic wisdom in modern times. The effects were both ele­vating and unsettling, and one of Judge’s primary efforts was to try to help as many as possible establish surer footing on this newly rising continent of spiritual-scientific thought.
One result of H. P. Blavatsky’s groundbreaking works was a flood of questions sent to Judge on every conceivable topic: What happens to us after death? Can this be known? Do we have a soul? Can it be lost? What happens to suicides? Is it possible to receive in dreams answers to questions about right conduct? Should psychic ­powers be developed? Are celibacy and vege­tarianism necessary to lead a spiritual life? What evidence is there for the existence of advanced humans or mahatmas? Why don t they make themselves better known? How does one enter the spiritual path and live the life in a practical way? How can one serve mankind?
Judge’s responses to these and scores of other questions and problems have timely relevance, providing helpful insight into similar issues arising in today s spiritual ferment.

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