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RAPHAEL offers an introduction to Plato’s thought aimed at ‘realizing’ Plato’s teaching about being a real Philosopher, “one who sees the Whole”. While leaving the task of meditating on Plato’s texts to the readers, he quotes many relevant passages from Plato’s works. PLATO is regarded as the father of Western Philosophy, and is an exponent in the West of the ancient Tradition that goes back to Orpheus. In the study of Plato s thought there have been various interpretations. These can be ascribed to two fundamental approaches: one focusing on Plato s writing , the other on the oral essence of Plato s teaching. In this book, going beyond these two approaches, RAPHAEL offers an introduction to Plato s thought aimed at realizing Plato s teaching about being a real philosopher, one who sees the Whole , while leaving the task of meditating on Plato s texts to the reader. While over the centuries the concept of philosophy has become an exercise of the empirical mind which can offer only opinions, not Truth, Plato s philosophy (love of learning-wisdom-knowledge) is of an initiatory order. It is a conversion to Being, an initiation into the supreme Good. Raphael also draws a comparison between Plato and Sankara, the codifier of Advaita Vedanta, suggesting that there is only one universal Tradition of the Mysteries. Finally, he sheds light on how Plato s philosophy is meant to transform man and society. In this sense, approaching Plato s teaching with sacred humility and due aspiration will benefit the disciple who seeks realization.

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