Life and Teachings of Giordano Bruno, Philosopher, Martyr, Mystic, 1548-1600 (Classic Reprint) Price: $10.07 (as of 22/06/2021 19:12 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

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Few such heroes has our fair planet presented us, a Socrates, a Bruno, a Savonarola. Bruno scareer seemed fraught with keen disappointment and much suffering. Born of heroic mental mould, in cloistered cell he gained deep knowledge and spiritual understanding. This he hurled into a sleeping cruel age, steeped in the gross superstition of a selfish priestcraft. He lived and died the apostle of the ever new and ever old religion, that of spiritual insight. Throughout his writings, the student will readily see his love of the Good is identified with the highest kind of speculative philosophy. Whenever he inculcates the law and order of the Universe, he gives us at the same time resplendent glimpses of the Nature and destiny of the Soul of Man.
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