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Charles Johnston’s classic translation and commentary on one of the most profound of ancient sacred texts. The book also contains three introductory articles by Johnston, which shed much light on the Upanishads, their place in history, their influence and connection to other spiritual philosophies of the world. “The shortest of all the older Upanishads is the Mandukya. Yet in some ways it contains fuller and deeper teaching than any other of these wonderful treatises of the Mysteries. For the theme of the Mandukya is the four degrees of consciousness, the Natural, the Psychical, the Spiritual, and the Divine, which make up the whole range of life, both manifested and unmanifested. Every word of this Upanishad is brimful of history, brimful of thought. . . . “A single principle links together the great Upanishads and their diverse parts, like jewels strung on a golden thread: the oneness of the Soul and the Oversoul. When we have found the Soul, our inmost real Self, we have thereby found the Oversoul, the Supreme Self of all Being. This is the goal.”—Charles Johnston

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