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This volume includes a general survey of mystical approaches to numbers. It begins with an introduction to both the Pythagorean and Kabalistic approach to numbers, and then proceeds to provide examples of symbolism attached to various numbers, beginning with the Monad (1) through the primary 9 numbers, and then on through the larger numbers. For students of numerology this collection will provide insight into various meanings attributed to important numbers from various ancient schools of thought. || The Collectanea Hermetica is a 10 volume set of Occult Hermetic books edited by William Wynn Westcott. The volumes are as follows: 1) Hermetic Arcanum, 2) The Divine Pymander, 3) A Short Enquiry Concerning the Hermetic Art, 4) Æsch Mezareph, 5) Somnium Scipionis, 6) Chaldæan Oracles of Zoroaster, 7) Euphrates, or the Waters of the East, 8) Egyptian Magic, 9) Numbers, 10) Sepher Yetzirah. || The volumes include several original translations, commentaries, and copious notes. It is a valuable resource for all students of Hermeticism, Alchemy, Kabalah and western esotericism in general.

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