On the Nature of Love: Ficino on Plato’s Symposium (Commentaries by Ficino on Plato’s Writin)

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On the Nature of Love is a translation of Marsilio Ficino’s commentary to Plato’s Symposium. This edition makes Ficino’s Tuscan version available to English readers for the first time. On November 7, 1468, nine men gathered at Careggi, outside Florence, to honour Plato’s birthday. After the meal, the Symposium was read, and the guests – now reduced to seven – spoke on the nature of love. Ficino, who was also present, recorded what was said, and his report constitutes the text of his commentary. His work was eagerly taken up by court circles throughout Europe and became part of their standard fare for the next two centuries. In more recent times, Ficino’s commentary has exercised the minds of theologians, philosophers, and psychologists.

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