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The Idyll of the White Lotus is a mystical and symbolic novel by theosophist Mabel Collins (M.C.). The story may be symbolic on many levels, the most common interpretation being an analogy of the human soul and its development. T. Subba Row, whose commentary is includede in an appendix, also suggests that it is likely based on a true story. According to him, the story “truly depicts the Egyptian faith and the Egyptian priesthood, when their religion had already begun to lose its purity and [had] degenerated . . . [being] unscrupulously used for selfish and immoral purposes.” Sensa (the hero of the story) is represented to be the last great hierophant of Egypt. Thus, for those interested in a theosophical view of ancient Egypt, this novel will also hold additional interest. The story is, however, primarily meant as a teaching tool for the would-be mystic. | From the Preface: “The ensuing pages contain a story which has been told in all ages and among every people. It is the tragedy of the Soul. Attracted by Desire, the ruling element in the lower nature of Man, it stoops to sin; brought to itself by suffering, it turns for help to the redeeming Spirit within; and in the final sacrifice achieves its apotheosis and sheds a blessing on mankind.”

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