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This edition of H.P.B.’s “Key to Theosophy” is a reproduction of the 1889 first edition. The Key to Theosophy outlines the central ideas behind the modern theosophical movement and the Theosophical Society. It is written in a way to be accessible to anyone, from first-time to long-time students of theosophy. Main Sections: Theosophy and the Theosophical Society Exoteric and Esoteric Theosophy The Working System of the T. S. The Relations of the Theosophical Society to Theosophy The Fundamental Teachings of Theosophy Theosophical Teachings as to Nature and Man On the Various Post-mortem States On Re-incarnation or Re-birth On the Kama-Loka and Devachan On the Nature of our Thinking Principle On the Mysteries of Re-incarnation What is Practical Theosophy? On the Misconceptions about the Theosophical Society The “Theosophical Mahatmas”

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