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The Ocean of Theosophy represents an attempt to summarize the main ideas involved in the theosophical philosophy, explained in a way that can be understood easily by the average reader—each chapter is devoted to a specific tenet of theosophy and provides an overview of its meaning. To this day “The Ocean” remains one of the best books for newcomers to theosophy. Yet it also contains ideas and explanations that continue to be helpful as one’s studies go deeper into the philosophy. List of Chapters: Chapter I. Theosophy and the Masters Chapter II. General Principles Chapter III. The Earth Chain Chapter IV. Septenary Constitution of Man Chapter V. Body and Astral Body Chapter VI. Kama—Desire Chapter VII. Manas Chapter VIII. Of Reincarnation Chapter IX. Reincarnation Continued Chapter X. Arguments Supporting Reincarnation Chapter XI. Karma Chapter XII. Kama Loka Chaper XIII. Devachan Chapter XIV. Cycles Chapter XV. Differentiation of Species—Missing Links Chapter XVI. Psychic Laws, Forces, and Phenomena Chapter XVII. Psychic Phenomena and Spiritualism

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