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Honen Shonin (1133-1212), as the founder of Japan’s first independent Pure Land Buddhist community, is one of the most essential figures of Japanese Buddhism. As a basis for establishing his new community, Honen selected three essential sutras for the study and practice of the Pure Land way. These are what he called the Three Pure Land Sutras (Jodo Sanbukyo), consisting of the Larger and Smaller Sukhavativyuha Sutras and the Visualization Sutra. This publication is the first authoritative English translation of these sutras by Jodo Shu, the denomination that Honen founded in 1175. As the collaborative work of Jodo Shu’s top scholars in a variety of fields and containing full annotation, this book is designed for both scholars as well as student-practitioners of Pure Land Buddhism and will be an important contribution to understanding Pure Land thought and practice in Japan.

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